Exhibition Project

for Moseley Exchange 2016


Phoenix | Apache | Tepees

P = Phoenix

One day in the beginning times, the sun looked down and saw a large bird with shimmering feathers. They were red and gold--bright and dazzling like the sun itself. The sun called out, "Glorious Phoenix, you shall be my bird and live forever!"

A = Apache

The Apache Nation is best known for their military resistance against the Americans, but there is much more to Apache Indian culture than fighting.

T = Tepees

Tepees are tent-like American Indian houses used by Plains tribes. A tepee is made of a cone-shaped wooden frame with a covering of buffalo hide. Like modern tents, tepees are carefully designed to set up and break down quickly. As a tribe moved from place to place, each family would bring their tipi poles and hide tent along with them. Originally, tepees were about 12 feet high, but once the Plains Indian tribes acquired horses, they began building them twice as high.

‘EXCHANGE’ Art Exhibition

Opening 6 September, 7.30 pm
6 September-28 October 2016
CHAS@Moseley Exchange

In their latest exhibition, seven CHAS artists share new, original works exploring the theme of Exchange. The artists are Ruth Judd, Jane Spence, Eleanor Parkes, Wendy Palmer, Alex Clark, Patrik Kuziel and Matt Gale.

CHAS is a Birmingham artists’ group that grew out of a project called Cannon Hill Art School, conceived by Birmingham artist and curator Trevor Pitt. 72 artists came together for three months to share ideas and support one another, culminating in a summer exhibition at mac Birmingham last summer.

The central tenet of CHAS is that members learn together and from one another, exchanging knowledge, ideas and technical skills.

The second element of the exhibition is a CHAS postcard exchange project with the Preston Street Union artists in Exeter. Their work responds to CHAS postcard-scale artworks mailed to them in May and exhibited as part of Art Week Exeter 2016.